A Little Cat Sitting

So . . . we're leaving town from this Saturday through this Thursday, visiting my grandparents and other relatives out in Virginia. While we'll leave plenty of food and water for Tatiana, and her litter box should be just barely okay that long, she'd definitely like some company (and wouldn't mind a bit of litter scooping every few days, either).

Is anyone interested in spending a little time at our apartment letting a cat be affectionate maybe two or three days (more often if you feel like it, but not necessary) in that period? We'd happily treat such a person to dinner or somesuch . . .

Game Night?

There's been some interest voiced in having a game night sometime, especially as several people have recently come into ownership of interesting games. If you're interested, what evenings are generally good for people, especially in the next week or two?

Avatar Viewing on Monday, Monday, Monday!

Lo, there shall be a gathering on Monday, a most epic one involving attendance at a most awesome presentation of the moving picture entitled Avatar!

Right now we're aiming at 3:30 (the last 3D matinee showing). The only other 3D matinee showing is 11:50; let us know below if that one works, if you can't make 3:30. Or say that you can't make a matinee, and would prefer one of the evening showings (7 or 10:30).

See lots of people there (hopefully)


Spirit of the Century!

So, I'm thinking of running another Spirit of the Century game, and I was wondering who was interested? People who have already played it could either play their current character (as-is or tweaked some) or make a new one.

For those not familiar with the game, Spirit of the Century is set after World War One (the Great War), and the players are pulp heroes/antiheroes. When trying to do things, you aren't just rolling for success, you're rolling for awesome. Players are strongly encouraged to participate in the creation of the story, not just let take what is given them (though the GM has veto power, he tends to allow things that are interesting, even if they throw his plans off track ;) ).

If you're interested, post here, and let me know when generally works.

Ikebana Gathering!

I was talking with hurkon the other day, and we came up with the idea of an ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) gathering some Saturday soon (while the Farmers' Market still has good flowers). We'd go to the market, get one to two bouquets per two to three people, then go somewhere with a good bit of table space (potentially somewhere outside, if not too windy) and do some ikebana.

Each person would just have to bring a container or two they think would be fun to arrange flowers in. For the style of ikebana we would be doing, the containers should generally be at least somewhat wide (at very least having an opening, say, three inches in diameter), and it should be easy to reach into the bottom of them, and they should be capable of holding something like half an inch of water at minimum. Beyond that, just about anything goes. Bringing scissors and shears good for small plants would be useful, but not necessary for everyone to do, and I'd make sure there were enough kenzan (pin frogs, the things the flowers will stick in).

You can see random examples of ikebana I've done on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/99071083@N00/tags/ikebana/

Post if you're interested, with what Saturdays work for you (and any time restrictions you have on those days; the basic flower shopping and ikebana portion would probably take about two hours, more if people are having fun).

District 9 This Evening

So, looks like we're (so far, Chang, me, and Amanda) going to see District 9 this evening at 7:50 (east side) or 9:10 (west side). The movie looks really really good, and we'd really really enjoy seeing it along with other people. So come along! Let me know what time works best if you're interested.

New Apartment Party!

Time: 7:30 pm, Wednesday, July 15th (Today)
Location: The Cupboard Under the Stairs, 1024 Summitview Place (turn into Summit Pointe, which is a well marked complex behind Bloomington High School South. Continue until you approach the end of the road. Park in any non-covered space in the parking lot on your right (or any other lot if those are full)).

Join Us, and Together We Shall Rule The Galaxy!